B2B Loyalty Programs

Taking channel/trade loyalty program beyond “Earn and Burn” platform is the core mantra of our success. In today’s scenario every marketer or brand is struggling to drive the loyalty from the Channel Partner (B2B) community whereas on the other hand, the channel is taking maximum advantage of this situation and have become and an opportunist by aligning their profits with varied brands at opportune time and thus not being loyal to any particular one.

We have experienced this across verticals and product categories that channel shifts their loyalty from Brand 1 to Brand 2 even for a very small monetary benefit but that is where we feel that our strategy of managing loyalty program differently comes into play and helps the brand to not only retain the counter/wallet market share but also in few select cases try to command/dictate loyalty.

Our programs are architected in a slightly different manner wherein “Earn and Burn” is only one part and just a beginning of the overall program execution but has lot more in the form of personal/professional engagements, regular communication, business intelligence, predictive sales analysis, determining loyalty index etc.

We not only help brands to execute the program in terms of managing the on ground operations but get ourselves engaged in understanding the requirement, the ecosystem the brands operate in and then formulate/suggest the right approach with right mix of modules required in the loyalty program.

To deliver what is desired by the brand in terms of a loyalty solution we have our own proprietary tools both in web and mobile domain coined as “THINXBOX” and “RAPR” respectively. These tools primarily help the brand to manage the sales transaction at the level of secondary sales which is still a big challenge area for lot of brands and thus reward/incentivize the Channel Partner (B2B) who is driving the sales at secondary level. While web and mobile enabled technology is the backbone of our success, we also run offline models that help brands to communicate with and reward Channel Partner (B2B)s and provide sales incentives in areas without connectivity.

Our solutions have the capability of integrating with the ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, others) deployed at Brands end which can be automated for seamless integration of data flow for both sides. This imparts transparency and another layer of security for the data.

Also, our reward offering, not only include the merchandise from our reward catalogue of more than 1000 products but has multiple options to disburse the rewards in lieu of earned points by the channel.

As a philosophy we try and target the members to get their “Mindshare” and the “Heartshare” for the brand because we feel that by achieving the same it will make brand life simpler to attain the much desired “Walletshare”!

We have implemented B2B Loyalty program across brands in Technology, Automobile, Consumer durables, FMCG, Consumer Non-durables with amazing results. To know more about how our solutions can be customized and offered to run an effective B2B loyalty program. Please feel free to contact us.