B2I Loyalty

Influencer (B2I) marketing as we know it today is really only at the beginning of its reign and according to a recent study by eMarketer, it’s only getting stronger. “84% of marketers say they would launch at least one Influencer (B2I) campaign within the next twelve months”.

Influencer (B2I) Marketing is a rapidly evolving field that is constantly providing brands with new and interesting ways to engage with consumers. Brands have realized the importance of an Influencer (B2I) in the entire sales cycle, earlier brands used to adopt the PUSH strategy by reaching out and rewarding the channel for promoting their products but now creating a PULL by designing an Influencer (B2I) loyalty program is the need of the hour for lot of Brands.

Even in Influencer (B2I)s community we can segregate them as white collar and blue collar. It is not easy to run a program for either of them but designing and managing a program for blue collar Influencer (B2I)s is a bit more difficult and challenging because they and not structured and hence identification, enrollment becomes far more difficult.

We help brands to identify key Influencer (B2I)s and engage them through customized and meaningful loyalty program that result in incremental sales and increased market share for brand. We offer sales training, engagement programs, relationship based rewards and welfare programs for the Influencer (B2I)s so that brands can establish long term relationships with them and they in turn influence buying decision of end customers.

Key to a successful Influencer (B2I) loyalty program is the way a brand understands the Influencer (B2I) community and their needs so that the program is designed accordingly especially the way to gratify them and engages with them on a regular basis which matters the most to the blue collar Influencer (B2I) community who earns their livelihood on daily wages like in some cases instant gratification is a big differentiator which can change the way Influencer (B2I) loyalty behaves for your brand.

We have implemented B2B Loyalty program across brands in Technology, Automobile, Consumer durables, FMCG, Consumer Non-durables with amazing results. To know more about how our solutions can be customized and offered to run an effective B2I loyalty program. Please feel free to contact us