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brand loyalty programs
We cater to three segments of Ashok Leyland's channel i.e. Mechanics, Retailers and Fleet Managers. Mehanics earn point on unique code reporting of Ashok Leyland parts. Retailers and Fleet Manager earn points on Dealer reporting. Program offers exciting mix of rewards like Direct Bank Transfer and white goods. Assured priviliges awareded on achievement of variuous tiers in the program.
Loyalty Programs In Indian Retail
Our initiative empowers their dealers & mechanics to reinforce a personal rapport with them. It provided business partners a consistent and exciting platform to win performance based rewards, exclusive benefits and privileges at each level of performance with the goal of cementing a lifelong relationship.
Best Loyalty Programs In India
An exciting reward and recognition program Retailers gives them a chance to become Superstar Retailer by tracking their retail sales coverage ensures benefits that are unparalleled in the industry. The program provides a medium of strong engagement and communication between CERA and its retailers where end goal is to increase the sale and retailers can get benefits on every sale to the customer.
Digital Loyalty Program
Our solution developed for Mechanics offers easy participation, innumerable benefits and fabulous rewards. This PAN India offering mechanics earn points on fitment of CNHI Genuine Parts and Report via Web, SMS, Toll Free and Mobile app.
Loyalty Program Companies In India
First of its kind solution to target anti-counterfeit operations for the brand. Program incentivizes Mechancis on the purchase of Hero Genuine Parts (HGP) by offering points. Entire program is run through a mobile app created by Evolve. Generated over 300 Cr Unique id's with our state-of-the-art proprietary technology tool so far!
Loyalty Companies In India
Through the ecosystem developed by us, registered mechanics report sales influenced by them by reporting unique code via SMS from the registered mobile number.
b2b loyalty programs
Company approached Evolve Brands to help create its showrooms across India keeping in mind the branding requirements to be same across all showrooms. Our team delivered 3D designs whcih were then executed at the Dealership.
Dealer Loyalty Program
We run a unique initiative to build a tailored Loyalty program engaging the contractors and carpenters which rewards monetary benefits with intelligently influencing approach and enables users to bank points for every purchase they make. And all this happens on a user friendly mobile application which tracks the program development at every stage.
Trade Loyalty Program
The most trusted name in water storage solutions have hosted an exciting and rewarding program for the retailer/sub-dealer community helping the brand to strengthen its relationship. The program due to tech integration is working on real-time mode i.e., both for sales transactions that are captured in DMS (Dealer Management System) and e-rewards are dispensed as an instant gratification.
Channel Loyalty Program
The fastest growing cement brand has an intensified focus on engagement using tangible and intangible rewards for the Head Mason/Head Contractor as against vanilla gifting techniques adopted by competition. The outcomes have been enthralling both in terms of quantitative growth and qualitative aspects of relationship.
loyalty programs for customers
A twin program approach towards carpenter contractors & architects tracks every product SKU moving out of the factory to its destination and rewards the influencer in multiple ways. The program integrates the company sales team and has turned out to be a industry leading ideal platform to showcase Architects creative outputs & exchange, ensuring sales in return for a host of other personalized offerings.
Customer Loyalty Programs In India
JK Paper offers one of the most effective loyalty program for their Resellers and Wholesalers on reporting their purchases and get it approved by their wholesalers. Running since 2005, today the initiative is the oldest and one of the best in league in the paper industry.
Consumer Loyalty Programs
Our solution is aimed at Mechanics and Retailer buying NBC Bearings. We deployed web tool for their plants across India to generate unique codes to be printed on bearings. Registered mechanics and retailer earn points when they report these codes through program app. Our solution helped brand collect verified Mechanic and Retailer database and address counterfiet products.
Customer Loyalty Program
The software security brand harnesses our approach to dictate quarterly target base rewards & incentive outreach programs for the sub-dealers/retailers spread across India. The program is helping the brand to grab wallet share from the secondary channel as they are the biggest influencers in selling the product to end customer