We curate, deliver &
maximize the loyalty experience for the brands and their
stakeholder ecosystems.

Loyalty & CRM

Leading Indian and MNC Brands have partnered with us to construct and shape their retention strategies. We help them create customized loyalty programs to maximize ROI. Our development services include program strategy, design, digital technology development including web & app development, email and call – contact management rewards points data validation, rewards fulfilment and a regular analytical assessment of the program.
We are a self-reliant organisation and ensure a holistic approach of problem solving as against simply hosting a program. We deliver on multiple fronts of adoption, motivation, generating enthusiasm, driving revenue upgrowth, upselling and deeper coverage across markets and geographies.
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Tech & Digital

We offer End-to-end loyalty solutions across all digital mediums. Leading brands in India rely on our solutions to ensure that customers are touched upon in numerous ways pertaining to a mobile.

Mobile Solutions

From the elementary SMS/IVRS to complex Missed Call services and Keyword based contest on Multilingual platforms supporting over 10 Indian languages.

Web based applications

We offer a numerous website design and development services across languages and platforms.

Mobile based applications

Our app designs are intuitive and work across Android, iOS App Development married to responsive websites.
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Data & Analytics

A good data hygiene and health is the beginning and end of a good data-led program. It is a measurable investment, and reflects an immediate impact on your marketing performance. We do everything related to data and that is the core of our competence, existence and excellence – right from extraction, collection, cleansing, standardization, maintenance, enhancement, analytics with our intelligent and powerful Business Intelligence engines. We process millions of transactions everyday round-the-clock on our state-of-the-art servers to ensure that data is available in real-time to all stakeholders.
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Rewards & Engage

We'll help you pinpoint the most suitable rewards for your program and your budget and ensure your audience is excited about working towards them. Incentives and redemption options from Direct Bank Transfers, Cash Cards, Digital Wallets, E-Vouchers to a rich gift catalogue with thousands of lifestyle, electronics, automobile and travel rewards, the customer loyalty solutions ensure that your customers are engaged.
We are also a specialist in weaving powerful engagement programs which help you acquire the critical heart-share of your stakeholders leading to more empowered engagements.
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