CRM & Loyalty

Loyalty Programs for Channel Partners (B2B), Influencers (B2I) and Customers

We create customized customer loyalty programs to maximize ROI. The development services include program scheme design, website & app development, inbound and outbound call management, rewards points data validation and analysis. Coupled with incentives and redemption options from cash cards to a rich gift catalogue with thousands of lifestyle, electronics, automobile and travel rewards, the customer loyalty solutions ensure that your customers remain with you forever.

Our B2B & B2I Loyalty Programs!

Channel Loyalty Program

Our customized channel incentive program keeps your business at the top of your channel partners’ mind. Whiley they distribute your products to the end-user, we ensure that dealers, distributors and their teams promote them over the competitors. The solution offers proactive channel relationship management and combines best-practice loyalty methodology with strategic incentive program design.


Influencer Loyalty Program

Influencer (B2I) marketing is trending, and some of the world’s biggest brands use the approach in their marketing strategy. However, it isn’t easy to get the desired results from influencer marketing. Selecting the best influences is easy, but getting them to work is tough and expensive. We work across various industries and verticals with influencer communities and understand it better than most other loyalty companies in India.


Consumer Loyalty Programs

Every market is replete with products. Companies making them are vying for the shelf space or mind space of the end consumer. Challenges are aplenty, and competition is intense. However, when a consumer takes a trial, there is the possibility that he may buy the product too. Consumer campaigns are created to get trials of products for the company and make them buy. We design effective and engaging campaigns to get more consumers for you!


Want to Encourage customer referrals

Selling to your existing customers is much easier than attracting new ones. So keep them coming back.

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