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We believe brand loyalty can be commanded. At Evolve, we architect that process.Our line of work is spread across strategy, process, data and technology led engagement for driving the objectives of acquisition, retention, loyalty, growth and excellence.

Our experience, intellect, people and custom tech ecosystem drives our business.

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Tailored Loyalty Programs in India :
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Leading Indian and MNC Brands have partnered with us to construct and shape their retention strategies. We are the best Loyalty Program Companies in India that help create customized loyalty programs to maximize ROI. Our development services include program strategy, design, digital technology development including web & app development, email and call – contact management rewards points data validation, rewards fulfilment and a regular analytical assessment of the program. We are a self-reliant organisation and ensure a holistic approach of problem solving as against simply hosting a program. We deliver on multiple fronts of adoption, motivation, generating enthusiasm, driving revenue upgrowth, upselling and deeper coverage across markets and geographies.

Retail Innovations

If you're looking for Retail Loyalty Programs in India, we have the expertise and experience to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs. Our commitment to loyalty programs In Indian Retail is unwavering, and our results speak for themselves.

We offer Best digital loyalty programs In India across all digital mediums. Leading brands in India rely on brand loyalty programs to ensure that customers are touched upon in numerous ways pertaining to a mobile.

Mobile Solutions

From the elementary SMS/IVRS to complex Missed Call services and Keyword-based contests on Multilingual platforms supporting over 10 Indian languages, all facilitated by our Loyalty Management Solutions.

Web based applications

We offer a numerous website design and development services across languages and platforms.

Mobile based applications

Our app designs are intuitive and work across Android, iOS App Development married to responsive websites.

Good data hygiene and health are the beginning and end of a good data-led program. It is a measurable investment and reflects an immediate impact on your marketing performance as a Loyalty Rewards Company. We do everything related to data and that is the core of our competence, existence and excellence – right from extraction, collection, cleansing, standardization, maintenance, enhancement, analytics with our intelligent and powerful Business Intelligence engines. We process millions of transactions everyday round-the-clock on our state-of-the-art servers to ensure that data is available in real-time to all stakeholders. As one of the leading Loyalty Companies in India, we take pride in delivering exceptional loyalty rewards to enhance your program.

We'll help you pinpoint the most suitable rewards for your program and your budget and ensure your audience is excited about working towards them. Incentives and redemption options from Direct Bank Transfers, Cash Cards, Digital Wallets, and E-Vouchers to a rich gift catalog with thousands of lifestyle, electronics, automobile, and travel rewards, the Loyalty Rewards Program ensures that your customers are engaged. We are also a specialist in weaving powerful engagement programs that help you acquire the critical heart-share of your stakeholders, leading to more empowered engagements.

A b o u t U s
We are an acclaimed India based loyalty program company with focus on customer engagement, governing digital loyalty programs, loyalty technology solutions. We are headquartered in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. We combine strategy, creativity, technology, in-house operational expertise and intelligent data-driven strategy to deliver the most compelling communications resulting in sustainable loyalty marketing programs targeted towards building performing and rewarding brand’s communities. We have proven, award-winning expertise in managing – the Customer, the Influencers
and conventional trade distribution channels.
Our Eighteen years of experience with brands in Technology & IT, FMCG, Automobiles, Commodity, Consumer durable, Infrastructure and Building material, has consistently delivered powerful initiatives that have assisted brands to transform into outstanding sales outcomes besides winning market shares and establishing leadership position. That makes us amongst the best loyalty platform providers in the country. We have collaborated with leading brands for:


Retail customer loyalty programs offer numerous benefits for shoppers. These programs typically reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts, special offers, and personalized incentives. By participating, you can save money on your purchases, enjoy a more tailored shopping experience, and even earn rewards for your loyalty.

A loyalty reward program is a rewards system that encourages customer retention and repeat business by offering incentives and benefits to loyal customers.

Yes, loyalty reward program can be effective in India, just as they are in many other countries. The success of a loyalty program depends on various factors, including how well it's designed, the value it offers to customers, and how effectively it's marketed. In India, where consumers appreciate discounts and rewards, well-executed loyalty programs can indeed work to foster customer retention and engagement.

P o r t f o l i o
brand loyalty programs
We cater to three segments of Ashok Leyland's channel i.e. Mechanics, Retailers and Fleet Managers. Mehanics earn point on unique code reporting of Ashok Leyland parts. Retailers and Fleet Manager earn points on Dealer reporting. Program offers exciting mix of rewards like Direct Bank Transfer and white goods. Assured priviliges awareded on achievement of variuous tiers in the program.
Loyalty Programs In Indian Retail
Our initiative empowers their dealers & mechanics to reinforce a personal rapport with them. It provided business partners a consistent and exciting platform to win performance based rewards, exclusive benefits and privileges at each level of performance with the goal of cementing a lifelong relationship.
Best Loyalty Programs In India
An exciting reward and recognition program Retailers gives them a chance to become Superstar Retailer by tracking their retail sales coverage ensures benefits that are unparalleled in the industry. The program provides a medium of strong engagement and communication between CERA and its retailers where end goal is to increase the sale and retailers can get benefits on every sale to the customer.
Digital Loyalty Program
Our solution developed for Mechanics offers easy participation, innumerable benefits and fabulous rewards. This PAN India offering mechanics earn points on fitment of CNHI Genuine Parts and Report via Web, SMS, Toll Free and Mobile app.
Digital Loyalty Program
A program which truly cements the Loyalty between the company & Channel. Evolve’s robust processes & technology delivers on the reports & scores recorded on the user friendly web portal created by us for Prism cement. The points are redeemed to the Dealers, Retailers through our vide range of products available in catalogue & E Vouchers. Big ticket redemption like vehicles, consumer durables highlights our bandwidth. This program has helped Prism cement to make more than 15000 ANMOL RISHTEY (retailers & dealers) continuously contributing to it’s sales
Digital Loyalty Program
A Lucrative deal all along the Sales chain, this is how V Guard maintains RISHTA with Influencers & Retailers. Powered by our technology & implementation, problem resolution & reporting support has resulted in generating over 200 cr of business within 9 months of the PAN India launch.
The exhaustive Loyalty program designed by us has become integral part of V Guard’s Sales & Marketing strategy with over 1,35,000 registered members (Electricians, Plumbers, AC Service Engineers, Retailers) availing benefits through scanning QR Codes.
Digital Loyalty Program
What does a Software company do when it thinks of engaging it’s channel partners, It approaches Evolve brands for a solution. With our diverse experience in managing Loyalty programs across Industries, we suggested an Incentive program for NORTON’s T1 & T2 distribution partners.
Our technological platform enables the partners to record their monthly, Quarterly sales to be verified by the company. Incentives are released from our end based on running slabs/schemes in the form of E Vouchers, Wallet transfer or high end white goods.
Loyalty Program Companies In India
First of its kind solution to target anti-counterfeit operations for the brand. Program incentivizes Mechancis on the purchase of Hero Genuine Parts (HGP) by offering points. Entire program is run through a mobile app created by Evolve. Generated over 300 Cr Unique id's with our state-of-the-art proprietary technology tool so far!
Loyalty Companies In India
Through the ecosystem developed by us, registered mechanics report sales influenced by them by reporting unique code via SMS from the registered mobile number.
b2b loyalty programs
Company approached Evolve Brands to help create its showrooms across India keeping in mind the branding requirements to be same across all showrooms. Our team delivered 3D designs whcih were then executed at the Dealership.
Dealer Loyalty Program
We run a unique initiative to build a tailored Loyalty program engaging the contractors and carpenters which rewards monetary benefits with intelligently influencing approach and enables users to bank points for every purchase they make. And all this happens on a user friendly mobile application which tracks the program development at every stage.
Trade Loyalty Program
The most trusted name in water storage solutions have hosted an exciting and rewarding program for the retailer/sub-dealer community helping the brand to strengthen its relationship. The program due to tech integration is working on real-time mode i.e., both for sales transactions that are captured in DMS (Dealer Management System) and e-rewards are dispensed as an instant gratification.
Customer Loyalty Programs In India
JK Paper offers one of the most effective loyalty program for their Resellers and Wholesalers on reporting their purchases and get it approved by their wholesalers. Running since 2005, today the initiative is the oldest and one of the best in league in the paper industry.
Consumer Loyalty Programs
Our solution is aimed at Mechanics and Retailer buying NBC Bearings. We deployed web tool for their plants across India to generate unique codes to be printed on bearings. Registered mechanics and retailer earn points when they report these codes through program app. Our solution helped brand collect verified Mechanic and Retailer database and address counterfiet products.
Customer Loyalty Program
The software security brand harnesses our approach to dictate quarterly target base rewards & incentive outreach programs for the sub-dealers/retailers spread across India. The program is helping the brand to grab wallet share from the secondary channel as they are the biggest influencers in selling the product to end customer
loyalty programs for customers
A twin program approach towards carpenter contractors & architects tracks every product SKU moving out of the factory to its destination and rewards the influencer in multiple ways. The program integrates the company sales team and has turned out to be a industry leading ideal platform to showcase Architects creative outputs & exchange, ensuring sales in return for a host of other personalized offerings.
Channel Loyalty Program
The fastest growing cement brand has an intensified focus on engagement using tangible and intangible rewards for the Head Mason/Head Contractor as against vanilla gifting techniques adopted by competition. The outcomes have been enthralling both in terms of quantitative growth and qualitative aspects of relationship.

Awesome clients and brands we’ve worked with

O u r T e a m

K J Singh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

KJ is a veteran of advocating the inspiring use of technology in marketing campaigns to get the maximizing results. He has over 30 years of experience of architecting and implementing a range of loyalty programs with integration of technology and business goals. He is instrumental in conceptualising and creating our technology platforms.

His past stints have been in Result: McCann as a Database Architect; as COO of Gotocustomer (later acquired by Omnicom Worldwide, before he planned he co-founded Evolve Brands with Harish.

At Evolve, he gives his team immense amount of independence to perform and is an amazing guide to people. He overlooks business development, financial planning and technology. Backed by a management qualification coupled with a Degree in Computer Applications, he is an avid sportsman in swimming and chess. He has been a state level cricket player representing Delhi.holds a Management Qualification coupled with a degree in Computer Applications. He has been a state level cricket player representing Delhi.

Harish Motwani

Co-Founder & CEO

Harish works closely with clients to clearly define and bring out their sense of purpose and distinctiveness; always with an acute eye on the commercial imperatives of their business. His logic, creativity and meticulous attention to detail have delivered some amazing loyalty success stories.

Previously, Harish was the Head of Loyalty & Relationship at GotoCustomer (later acquired by Omnicom Worldwide); part of the start-up operations at Baazee.com (later acquired by ebay Inc); Multiple Zones India as Business Head of Direct marketing operations; Brilliant's Computer Centre - where he dabbled with verticals of Corporate Training & Franchising.

He is an advocate of encouraging transparency, innovation and initiative as the 3 pillars of a successful business and insists on creative thinking. He handles Business Strategy besides General Management and Employee engagement at Evolve. Harish is a chemistry graduate with dual PG qualifications in computers & business management. He is a believer in philanthropy and also runs a non-profit - Joy Story Foundation. He likes reading, writing and is also a published poet.

Sumit Chandna

Chief Operating Officer

Sumit manages New Business Development, Retention & Operations and works closely with Harish & KJ.

He is a hardcore agency professional and prior to Evolve, he was Head of Client Servicing and Operations at Megaron, an event agency which was later acquired by MCI and with Solutions Integrated, a leading integrated marketing company. He is adapt at a solution centric approach while consulting a business and his responsiveness towards his team, customers and vendors is well appreciated by one and all.

Academically, Sumit is a Science graduate and an MBA in Marketing. He is a complete Bollywood buff and has keen interest in watching and playing cricket.

Venkata Swaroop

Business Director-Innovation & Growth.

Venkata Swaroop manages a techno-marketing role at Evolve. He is responsible for innovation, technical design function and vertical business development.

He possesses over 13 years expertise in designing Technology enabled loyalty solutions for channel, influencers and consumers, with many diversified sectors in different roles & responsibilities. Prior to Evolve, he worked in a technical loyalty implementation role with Honeycomb Solutions. Academically, Venkata is a Master in Engineering from M S Ramiah Institute of Technology and interned with Bhaba Atomic Research Centre and researched on Image Processing capabilities. He has an avid interest in super bikes, cars and travel.

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